Concrete and Masonry Supplies

Central Pre-Mix Contractor Supply (CPM) offers a wide variety of concrete, masonry, and hardscape supplies to the Inland Empire area. CPM's trusted name is known throughout the construction industry from years of reliable service and quality products. The goal is to continue this long lasting tradition of service to the contractor trade and general public.


Concrete Accessories and Supplies
  • Tools - trowels, floats, brooms, edgers, groovers
  • Sealers - acrylic, laquer, siloxane, silane
  • Reinforcement - rebar (& fabrication), wire mesh, fiber
  • Decorative - integral color, stains, color hardener, antique release, stamps
  • Form Ties - twist wire, snap, flat & loop ties
  • Packaged Products - concrete, cement, non-shrink grout, patching material
  • Miscellaneous - form tube, anchor bolts, post brackets, foundation vents


Masonry Accessories and Supplies
  • Tools - trowels, jointers, slickers, wire brushes, sponges
  • Sealers - acrylic, lacquer, siloxane, silane
  • Cultured Stone - many styles and options to choose from
  • Brick  - common sizes and colors available
  • Block - smooth, split face, fence wall, various colors and sizes
  • Packaged Products - mortar mix, masonry cement, lime, calcium
  • Miscellaneous - metal lathe, felt paper, brick ties, hammers


Other Supplies
  • Safety - hard hats, vests, glasses, ear plugs
  • Window Wells - metal wells, grates, ladders
  • Water Control - drain channels, catch basins, grates
  • Packaged Products - silica sand, tube sand, bentonite, white cement
  • Miscellaneous - gloves, nails, measuring tapes, brooms
  • Delivery available - call for a quote

For more information about Concrete and Masonry Accessories, please visit or contact the store.

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