Central Pre-Mix Concrete Company (CPM) has been in the ready mixed concrete business for over 85 years. We know concrete! Concrete is produced by experienced operators at modern facilities with National Ready Mixed Concrete Assocaiation (NRMCA) certification.  State-of-the-art dispatch and communication systems are used to help ensure the timeliness of deliveries.  An expert team of drivers, sales people, quality control, operators, and dispatch professionals are resources available to ensure customer satisfaction. 

CPM is experienced in desiging and delivering many different specialty concrete mixes including integral colored concrete, fiber reinforced concrete, sustainable concrete mixes, self-consolidating concrete, and pervious concrete pavement.  The company has received numerous quality awards from several different concrete associations. 

Contact us for all your commercial, residential, and home project concrete needs.

NRMCA Concrete-In-Practice (CIP)

Performance Concrete Mixes

  • Branded Commercial Mixes - high strength capabilities, flyash mixes, and LEED certifiable mix designs
  • Branded Residential Series mixes - standard, pro, master performance mixes for any application


Decorative Concrete Mixes

  • Branded "Personal Touch" Colored Concrete Mixes - liquid integral colored concrete; color matching capabilities Solomon Color Chart
  • Exposed Aggregate Mixes (several options to choose from)
  • Stamped Concrete Mixes to meet any architectural requirement
  • Sand-finish or Textured Concrete Mixes


Admixtures & Fiber-Reinforcement

CPM partners with industry leaders to value-engineer readymixed concrete to meet innovative mix design specifications and reduce customer project costs. Do-it-yourselfers and contractors may choose from a variety of options to increase the value of any project.

  • Micro-fibers - helps reduce plastic shrinkage cracking in slabs
  • Macro-fibers - replaces rebar and welded wire mesh for slabs on grade and elevated decks
  • High-range water reducers - allows workability without impacting w/c ratio
  • Accelerators - speeds up concrete set time in seasonal low temps
  • Dampproofers - integrated foundation dampproofing agent (no more water emulsion)
  • Retarders - allows for extended delivery times 


Lifecrete® Series "Green" Mixes

  • Standard Green Mixes - meets standard building requirements
  • Pro Green Mixes - for the Professional Builder
  • Master Green Mixes - for the Custom Home Builder

ProS4® Concrete Series

  • PT ProS4 - Post Tension Deck Concrete Applications
  • SCC ProS4 - Self-Consolidating Concrete
  • Pervious ProS4 - Pervious Concrete Applications
  • CDF ProS4 - Control Density Fill Applications
  • Shotcrete ProS4 - Shotcrete Applications